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The Retina Channel Podcast

The Retina Channel is an ophthalmology journal club discussing new scientific articles focused on retina. The target audience are eye care professionals who are interested in the most recent advances in retina.

“Our mission is to facilitate transmission of knowledge from researchers to their target audience.

Nov 16, 2021

Dr. Kokame from the University of Hawaii reports a novel method of repairing certain types of retinal detachment using minimized eye movement followed by laser retinopexy. Referenced article:

Kokame GT, Yee S, Omizo JN, Villanueva L, Liu J. Laser Treatment after Minimized Eye Movement for Repair of Retinal...

Nov 2, 2021

Dr. Efrem Mandelcorn from the University of Toronto talks about 3 different surgical techniques that he's published in 3 different articles:

1. Macular hydodissection for challenging macular holes:

Felfeli T, Mandelcorn ED. MACULAR HOLE HYDRODISSECTION: Surgical Technique for the Treatment of Persistent, Chronic, and...

Oct 5, 2021

Professors Sahel and Roska describe partial visual recovery of a patient with advanced RP using optogenetic technology. 

Discussed article:

Sahel JA, Boulanger-Scemama E, Pagot C, Arleo A, Galluppi F, Martel JN, Esposti SD, Delaux A, de Saint Aubert JB, de Montleau C, Gutman E, Audo I, Duebel J, Picaud S, Dalkara D,...

Sep 20, 2021

Dr. Seider elaborates on his group's large retrospective study on rates and risk factors for complicated acute posterior vitreous detachment.

Full reference to the discussed article:

Seider MI, Conell C, Melles RB. Complications of Acute Posterior Vitreous Detachment. Ophthalmology. 2021 Jul 27:S0161-6420(21)00552-2....

Jul 19, 2021

Dr. Tina Felfeli discusses 3 articles around COVID-19 and ophthalmology: (1) Effect of various concretions and exposure times of common ophthalmology anti-septics on COVID-19 infected cell lines. (2) Effect of the pandemic on the backlog of elective ophthalmic surgical cases in the province of Ontario, Canada...